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Press Room

Pictures from the Launch

12 August 2013

Avance Carpets specialise in custom-made tile and broadloom carpets and recently held successful launches in Durban and Cape Town to showcase what makes their brand extraordinary.

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Specifying Dynamics - pro-active, vibrant marketing

10 June 2013

Specifying Dynamics, a pro-active and vibrant marketing company, has been contracted in to represent Avance as one of our suppliers in the building industry. Specifying Dynamics have a professional and highly competent team of marketers ...

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Setting the Trend in Customised Commercial Carpet Design

07 June 2013

Enhancing your brand's personality and creating a beautiful environment for customers and employees that comes standard with durability, quality and affordability is high on the list of priorities of Avance Carpets...

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Avance...all colours of the rainbow,
especially Green

06 June 2013

The growth and development of our communities, cities and business centres has a significant impact on our natural environment. The construction and operation of the buildings in which we live and work....

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Customiser from Avance –
No Compromise Needed

03 June 2013

With a simple click of a mouse, Avance's web-based Customiser tool lets you customise your carpet designs and view them in different interior settings. Once you're satisfied with your design, it will be manufactured to Avance's exacting quality...

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Corporate Social Investment

02 June 2013

The Avance Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme is a deliberate, focused, coherent and progressive programme that is well coordinated and entrenched throughout our business, including among our own employees...

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